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The Pi Upsilon Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. had its beginnings in the hearts, minds and souls of Brothers Tarnett Morris, Qualon Craig and the Rev. Robert Dawson.  These brothers, with great courage and standing within their communities, decided that Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. needed a graduate chapter to carry out its objectives of the organization locally.

Having had numerous conversations about what should happen or what should be the course of action to resolve this problem, they decided to seek information about forming a new chapter.   The new chapter goals would be service to the community, but it would be underpinned by a spiritual and religious foundation.  These founding brothers believed that as the original founders found comfort in letting the almighty be a pivotal part in its founding and activities, they too believed it should figure prominently in this new chapter founding.

On Friday January 8, 2015, these brothers engaged Brother Lee Eakins in a conversation about assisting them with formation of new chapter.  Brother Eakins, being a former member and president of the existing graduate chapter initially discouraged this conversation about the formation of a new chapter. 

These brothers were not persuaded that a new chapter could now flourish in the existing environment.  After several conversations with Brother Eakins, he was persuaded to assist them with formation of a new chapter.  He made it clear since he was now a member of a graduate chapter sixty miles that would only assist with this formation if there were enough members interested in its formation.  He also made it a stipulation that this formation of a new chapter has to be about furthering the cause of Sigma.  With this in mind the first organization meeting of the proposed new chapter was planned.

On January 21, 2015 an exploratory meeting was planned.  This initial meeting was held in the Life Center of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church on Graymont Avenue in Birmingham, Alabama.   Brothers present at this initial meeting were;  brothers  Tarnett Morris, Rev. Robert Dawson, Lee Eakins, Jamal Snell, Victor Pettus, Gary Bryant, Jr., Barry Deed and Rev. Robert Lawson.  From this initial meeting, brothers expressed interest in the formation of this chapter.  They also said they knew at least one other brother who had expressed the same interest in forming a new graduate chapter that would function in northwest Jefferson, Walker, St Clair and Shelby counties.  A second organizational meeting was planned.

On Friday January 30, 2015, which was cold and rainy, this group met again.   This time several additional brothers had decided to join the meeting.  Those brothers were Rodney Smith, Douglas Richardson (a cousin of Brother Eakins), Christopher, Calvin Edwards (brother of Tarnett Morris) and Demetrius Upshaw.  Brother Eakins was excited by the number of brothers in attendance at this next meeting.  He then pledged his commitment to the formation of this new chapter.

From this meeting, brothers made plans to show their commitment to this new chapter by immediately paying their international and regional dues through the BLUE PRINT.  This action was the final commitment to the formation of this new chapter.

After the approval from the Alabama State Director, Southern Regional Director and National Office, the chapter name of Pi Upsilon Sigma was made official and the chapter was formed.

Now… Our Cause Speeds On Its Way!!!