Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was founded on the principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship and Service. With those in mind, Pi Upsilon Sigma is always consciously aware of being seen in the communities will live, work and play in. While in those communities, it’s our goal to affect them in a positive manner. The efforts to achieve those goals are carried out in the form of support, service, spreading awareness and giving back.

Here’s a look at how Pi Up covers the principles.


  • Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
    • With 4 Alumni chapters (Psi Upsilon Zeta, Alpha Sigma Zeta, Lamda Zeta Zeta and Beta Alpha Omega Zeta) in the Birmingham Metro and surrounding counties, Pi Up is a supporter of their individual and collective events.
  • Blue and White Day on Hill
    • The family of Royal Blue and Pure White comes together each year at the Parliament House in Montgomery, AL to witness amendment voting. It also gives the brothers of Pi Up an opportunity to briefly catch up with chapter brother and State Representative Roderick Scott.
    • Session is followed by lunch and fellowship with the beautiful ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
  • Grown and Greek Week
    • Being a part of the Divine Nine is an honor. To show our support of that partnership, Pi Up makes an effort to represent Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. the only way we know how… BOLDLY. This event takes place each year in August and is quickly becoming a great draw to the city of Birmingham.


  • Israel Williams Scholarship
    • The Israel Williams Scholarship Fund is an excellent opportunity to give back to college students that are excelling in their collegiate studies. Pi Up has been an avid supporter, giving over $1,000 annually.
  • Pi Up Scholarship
    • Pi Upsilon Sigma awards three scholarships a year to young men that meet the requirements set by our scholarship committee. Three main questions that must be answered are:
      • How will I impact the future?
      • What motivates me to succeed?
      • How important is my education to my future success?


Since the chartering of Pi Upsilon Sigma, we have been determined to take care of the adopted schools we volunteer at. We understand the school budget does not cover the needs of the teachers, so our goal is supplement by collecting gift cards and school supplies then donating them to the schools. Our annual PiNic (spelled correctly) and Holiday Mixer are means by which that is done.

  • PiNic Outing
    • The brothers of Pi Up hold a back to school picnic where family & friends are invited out to an all-expense paid feast of barbecue, fried fish, sides galore and of course deserts. The only admission fee is a gift card and/or school supplies. Every year is a success. It’s only a success because of the giving individuals that believe in our cause. (check out pics from this year’s PiNic)
  • Pi Up Holiday Mixer
    • What better way to celebrate the holiday season than doing it with a purpose and with the ones you love? The Holiday Mixer gives the brothers along with family & friends the opportunity to celebrate each other and reminisce about the service during the year. Its also another opportunity to collect… you guessed it… gift cards and/or school supplies. (check out pics from last year’s Holiday Mixer)